Sunday, April 2, 2017

I love #IMMOOC

     This has been a life changing last 6 weeks.  I have been re-awaken!  I think that finding like minded people has reconfirmed my thinking about innovation, and all things technology.  I’m blogging again but this time at a deeper level.  At this point the fluff is gone.  My blog has taken on a different vibe.  I’m thinking that I need to blog about my successes and failures as a teacher and not just talking about all things first grade.
     When I got my masters 8+ years ago I took two leadership courses.  Even though I never aspired to be a principal I learned that we are all leaders in our school and if we wanted things to happen that we had to do it ourselves by being part of the solution to any problem.  I have forgotten this over the years. Our school is not as vibrant as it once was.  We have had many principals come and go. The Innovator’s Mindset has reminded me that I can be that spark that ignites my school community.
       I was inspired by another #IMMOOCer to create an inspiration project in my community.  We now have a wall full of pictures of kiddos and people who inspire others.  It has been just what we needed at my school. 
       Over these last few weeks I have been skipping around school on a bit of a high.  I’ve been reminded of how important relationships are in our school communities.  I’ve made an effort to welcome all into our school in the morning.  Instead of hanging out with my colleagues I walk to the entrance of the building to welcome students.  It has been a wonderful way to spend the beginning of my day.  That one student who comes in late every single day who I have ignored and gone on with my teaching……I’ve stopped and really welcomed her in every day like she was a treasured visitor to my classroom.  It’s those relationships that are the most important.
         I will continue to blog, continue to try new things, continue to fail and succeed within my classroom and with colleagues, continue to use twitter as my weekly PD, continue to read and follow my heart.  I’m so happy to have come across this MOOC when I did.  It has been life changing for me .  Thank you George Couros.  I will continue to follow your leadership!

Missing my kids today. 
Both are in Arizona together.
Wishing they were both home.

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  1. Claire-

    Greetings from Iowa!I had the idea to check your blog today since I hadn't checked it for awhile. I was so interested by your recent posts that I looked up George Couros and spent my lunch break watching his TedX talk on YouTube. Thanks for sharing about this and inspiring me through your blog posts! :)