Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I'm Back!

     Yes, I'm Back!  Did anyone miss me?  It has been a rough and rugged spring and end of the year.  But it's summer now and I'm on vacation!  My goal is to blog all summer long and share lots.  First thing that I want to share is that I have lost 25 lbs. since March and I'm feeling great.  I have totally changed how I live my life and I am a happier person because of it.  I even got my class involved this year by using Mrs. Obama's Cause of getting kids moving.  Our school has a terrific 1 mile walking path around it, so we went out 3 mornings a week to walk (and run-kids) and get started for the day.

Here is how I looked before.  (with my son dressed for prom)

 Here I am in June!

Life is good!
I am well on my way to a healthier happier me.  I love to walk and do Zumba!  I'm happy that I can go out every day keep this great feeling going.  Happy Summer Everyone!