Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Snow! Yuck!

Snow! Snow! Snow! Yuck!
I thought winter was over but I guess not. Tell me what you think of all this snow. I am enjoying a day of reading. I am reading Little Bee. Are you reading anything today? Leave me a comment and tell me what you are reading. Have a great day!
Mrs. Dietsche

Monday, April 26, 2010


Yippeeeee! It's vacation. I hope everyone is enjoying their time off. Are you reading? I hope so. I have been working on our Mother's Day project and designing our class tee-shirt. I also counted all of the beads and sprayed them all so that they will be shiny. Are you ready to put the kits together? Don't forget to sleep in a little after all you are on vacation. I miss you all. See you in a week.
Mrs. Dietsche
PS Check out the surveys and vote.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday end of our week

Wow, What a week! We have been busy from start to finish. We have been working on projects for our Mother's Day Tea. It's all a bit hush hush. We want our moms to be surprised. We had our last farming lesson with Mrs. Holiman. We taste tested fruits today. Yummy Yummy!
We finished our reading challenge by reading over 200 books this month. I spray the whole class with silly string in front of the whole school. It was fun to watch the prizes from other classes happen, pie in the face, hair coloring, and cold water poured on a teacher. Let's keep reading.
Have a great vacation everyone. Please leave a comment for our class. We love hearing from everyone.
Mrs. Dietsche

Monday, April 19, 2010

Monday Monday

Well it's a short week and we have lots to do. It was thrilling to see Natalie Kinsey Wornock this morning. She show us pictures of all the animals she has and has seen on her property in Vermont. She loves her grandmother who made 250 quilts. Natalie showed us 6 different quilts that her grandmother made by hand. She could make a quilt in a week. Wow! Natalie told us to ask our family members if they had stories of when they were growing up so that we could write them down. It was an exciting visit.
What did you learn about during Natalie Kinsey Wornock's visit?

Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy Friday

Wow what a busy day we had in first grade today. We worked in the computer lab blogging and creating a special project. Everyone learned some new skills and worked very hard to complete all tasks. Our current book total for the Wacky Challenge is: 150 books! Wahoo.... we met our goal of reading 100 books and now are working on our second 100. We take pictures of us reading every day. Today we read 2 by 2. We love read.
This afternoon we worked on some challenging math problems. Everyone did a marvelous job at counting by 3s all the way to 72! We also whipped up a bunch more beads for our African Animal Bead Project. We are getting to be experts at making beads. It really helps with our fine motor.
I hope everyone has a great afternoon. Don't forget to bring in a new white tee-shirt.


What did you learn yesterday with Mrs. Holiman?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fire Drill Thursday

We had 2 fire drills this morning. One was planned and one was unplanned. The unplanned one came when they were resetting the building. But we went right out of the building both times. It was great practice and a beautiful morning.
Mrs. Holiman came in this morning and we talked all about our visit to the farm on Tuesday. We also learned about the different types of grains. We took turns crushing some grain with a stone on a stump. Then we tried our hand at grinding some corn in an old meat grinder. Mrs. Holiman had some whole grain bread for us to try. Most kids said that it was yummy.
Today we talked about things that come in 2's and then we moved on to things that come in 4's during math time. Most of us can count by 4's to 32! Wahooooo....very smart kids!
We are headed to the computer lab in the morning to blog and work on a project.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Parent Conferences

It was great to see everyone's mom and dad at Parent Conferences. We have a very smart class. Remember to send in a new white tee-shirt. Don't forget to read every day. And Be Good!
Sincerely, Mrs. Dietsche

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A morning at the Noel Farm

Wow! What a great morning at the farm. Hannah was there to meet our bus as we arrived! We learned lots of things about how they run their organic farm. They raise Galaway Cows and chickens. It was fun taking a tour and hearing all about their farm. What did you learn today at the farm?
Mrs. Dietsche

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Quiet Sunday

I hope all of my smart students are practicing their reading at home. I got a new computer yesterday so I am a happy little camper. See you all tomorrow.

Mrs. Dietsche

P.S. Do you like my new picture?

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Farming Lesson with Mrs. Holiman #3

What did we learn yesterday when Mrs. Holiman came in?

Thursday, April 1, 2010



We lrnd about anumls.

We made anumls macks.

I derest as a cow.

Mis hallmin came.

We lrnd about hostings jursy blakagis.


I mad A couw

With mis holumin and hr dotr.

Abby drast up as a couw.

We had fan lo stufuf.

We mad a masc.

She brung a brn.


mrs. holumin cam in .

mrs. holmin brot a big drin with a cow.

We mad cow mask with mrs. holmin.

Abby dast up as a cow.

I mad a cow name jrsey.


We made cow mask .

Abby drest as a cow.

We lrnd froming .

We had fun.

We lrnd cows.


Mrs Homes came in to ore class.

We lern about black angis.

We lern about hole stens.

We lern about jerses.

We played a cow game.


Hoistemm jrseey biak agis

Mis holomin cam in

Shee bbot in a Bon in the clasrum

Abby drest up lik a caw.


I mad A cow with masck it was A Gerce cow.

Mis hoallomin I lord abot cow we had

Mascks. She Beruing a Barn in the claseroom .


mrs.holmin came in. Are class made pictrs of cows. I made a holstem. We lernd obaut holstems and jerses and black angis. We lernd songs.


I lern wut a black agis is. We made macs.

Abby jrest up as a cow. mrs holmen tod us

that a cow has 4 stumicis.


Mrs holiman came in and we learned about cows.

There is three kinds of cows.

We made cow masks. Abby dressed like a cow.

I colored a cow.


mrs.hollomin came to are class room. And we toked about cows.abby drested up like a cow.wen abby walk arouned the class room and let as fele the ater.

I got to kather a cow picher.


Yesterday I lernd on cows in Vermont.One is the jersey it gives cream milk.The black angis is yousd for meat.The holsteam gives lots of milk.With out cows we wod not have milk.If you have a cow think what luck you have to have a cow.


we learned about farming. We made animal macks.mrs.hollemen camein.abby drest as a cow. We learned about holesteen jersey black anges.

Farming Lesson #1

Our has been studying farming with Mrs. H. She came in for a lesson last week and we learned all about cows. Read to find out what else our class learned about.

First Graders write about Authors Visit

Mr. pollatta came to our skool.
He made 60 book.
One of his books are calld hoo wud win liins or tigrs.
Mr.pollatta is funy.

Mr.Plota came . He made books for kids ho donot like to read. It was a trick .
It was an anml vs an anml. But it was resrtch about 2 anmls.

Made kisst the be.
Mrka the mungke he had a hud he put a mungke skul in hiz hud.
Crsin did it to.
Brianna didit to.

Mr.plotu has no haru on his had.
Mr.plotu came in.
Mr.plotu mad savin book.
Mr.plotu now abawt bugs.

Mir pollatta came.
He made 60 books.
One book is cold who will win.

We say books.
And we red books.
And he was funny.
Your books are funny.

Mistr plodu cam .
Heey red usab ooks .
Hee rot 60 books.
Hee told us war hee livd.

We sow a other yesterday . a bee came to Made kisst the bee she Marde the bee, Mrke the mukeyh he had a scall on his hed . he was funney.

Your book . are fun
And . thir grat .
And I like mis. Plodu.
You mak the grat books.

I love his books.
He is funny.
He came to school.
I like him.

Mr.pallata came in .
Mr. pallata has no hair on his.
Mr. pallata nos about bugs.
Mr. pallata rote 60 books.

it was fun with mr. pollatta. He rote 60 books.he gave mrs. Diestche lion vs.tiger and in it he rote I ate mrs. Diestche class. He is funny.

I saw is funy.I like mr shod as a lopster.

Yesterday Mr.Polatta an ather came in the lybary!
He showed some of his books he made number books
And althabet books.He made sixty books so far
He rote Lion v.t Tiger and Icy bugs.Mr.Polatta is lots
of fun!

Fabulous Author Visit

On Monday March 29th we had a fabulous author Mr. Jerry Pollata come to visit our school. He shared lots of his books and told us what it was like to be an author. He was very funny. Our class liked it when he moved the projector so the a bee was buzzing around. He also made a shark come after some first graders. We love all of books. Here is what first graders are saying about the event.

Mrs. D
Welcome to our New first grade Blog. Our class will be sharing events and new learning that happens in our classroom. Thanks for checking us out.