Thursday, June 27, 2013

Techy Linky Party-Reading

Two posts in one day......oh my.

I Teach 1:1 and Learning to the Core are hosting a brand new weekly technology linky every Thursday for the remainder of the summer.

Daily 5 and Technology

Read to self and Listen to reading.

Bookflix I love because it matches fiction with nonfiction books of the same theme.  They can be read to the kids or the kids can read the book on it’s own.  This is not a free program.  Our school subscribes to it.  Kids also have access at home.  The kids love this site.  We do it 1-2 times a week during Reading.  Read to self or Listen to reading.

Tumble Books  is another book site I love. It is similar to Bookflix but it doesn’t match books.  It has a huge library of digital books that can be read to the kids or the kids can read themselves.  It is very entertaining for the kids.  This is not free but you can find public libraries across the country that subscribe to it.   Read to self and Listen to Reading

PBS kids is another great site for listening to stories and watching videos.  This site is my  class’ favorite.

Word Work and Working on Writing

Padlet is so great.  Sometimes I have kids write a vocabulary word (tier 2 word) that they find in their reading and write it in Padlet with the definition.  I have also kids share their favorite part of a particular book.  Usually the chapter book I’m reading to the whole class. This is a free site. 

I love  It is my favorite site for kids to do writing on.  I use it as a journal space as well as a place to create stories, respond to books, make lists, etc……  I love that kids can respond to others and leave comments.  I’ve had our skype buddies leave comments as well.  Parents love being able to watch their child’s growth and leave comments as well.  This is a free site.  The teacher has all of the controls and it’s very simple.  Check it out.

I love this techy linky.  It will keep me focused all summer.  Thanks Kristin and Aylin.

Awwwwww Summer................

Finally some time to wind down and relax.  Now if only all this rain would stop.  The weather has not been very pleasant so far this summer.  I'm hoping that July will bring sunny skies.    Here are just a few pictures to show the excitement of the end!

 Angry Birds for field days....more on this later.

 Ready for summer!
All cleaned up!
Have a great summer everyone!

Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Week of School

5 days left.....Yippeeeeeeee!

End of the year Events:
Clean Up Green Up day.............check
Mother's Day Tea.......................check
Field Trip to the Tyler Place.......check
Field Days (in the rain)...............check
Start cleaning the room...............check

Things left to complete:
First Grade Fun Day
Report Cards
Awards Ceremony
Move Up Day  (It's all about next year!)
Saying Good Bye :(
Finish cleaning the classroom
Summer finally starts

Here's a list that my sweet kids made up to share with next years new crop of Smarties:
I love my students and I'm really going to miss them next year.  Thank you smarties!
I also love Pinterest where I was inspired to create this picture essay.

When I grow up I want to be happy!