Sunday, July 22, 2012

Visiting Illinois

Hello from Illinois, I'm out for a visit with my father-in-law. It's been shopping, shopping, and more shopping. When I'm in town I make an annual trip to the Chalk Board,(a terrific teacher store). I spent way too much money in that place. I think I'm addicted to dice because I'm always buying them. I just bought a dice that has 3 small dice inside them. I bought 18 of them! Well they were only .75 a piece. I just had to have them. I can't wait let my kids try them out. Today I went to the Brookfield Zoo. I love to visit the zoo. I wish I had one closer to home. It was pretty hot today so many of the animals were not very active. I still can't figure out how to upload a picture from my iPad so I'll add some pictures soon. Tomorrow is a big day! I'm meeting up with my skyping buddy from Iowa! I'm so excited that I can't sleep. Mrs. Hilton from Morning Sun first grade in Iowa is meeting up with me. We skyped all year with our classes. I'm looking forward chatting about new projects we might do this coming year. It's all very exciting. Pictures tomorrow. Try a random act of kindness today! Claire

Thursday, July 5, 2012

A Day In My Shoes

I love these linky parties.  They push me to post more.

5:30  Alarm goes off and I stretch my self out of bed.  I read the paper and check out the internet while I eat my breakfast of oatmeal with walnuts. 
6:00 It's into the shower with the radio blasting.  I dance a little in my shower.
6:30  By this time I head out the door on my way to work 1/2 hour away.  It is one of my favorite parts to my day.  Sometimes I listen to the radio or a book on tape.  Sometimes I think about all I want to accomplish in my day.
7:00 or so I arrive at school and putter around my classroom setting up activities or laminating new games, reading emails, and getting ready for the kids to arrive.
7:30 the first bus rolls in and I usually head out of my classroom to touch base with other teachers.  It's usually meeting time with special educators, or team members.
8:00  School begins and I take attendance and hot lunch count and put it on the computer.  Announcements from the office happen along with the Pledge as a whole school.
8:10 Is community time at our school and on Mondays we go around the room asking what we did over our weekends.  Sometimes we take a walk on the walking path that surrounds our school.
8:30 Our reading block begins.  Interventionists come to take about 8 of my kiddos.  The rest of the kids get onto and blog about their weekends.  First graders are amazing little techies.  I have literacy and math links for them to navigate through after they blog.
9:00 8 kiddos come back and start to blog.  I do a reading group with ones that have completed the blog assignment. and we continue this until about 10:15
10:15 Is math time.  We do investigations and move around a lot completing what ever chapter we are on.
11:20 We head off to lunch and recess and I finally get a much needed break.  I hang out with the other first grade teachers for lunch.
12:10 kiddos come back in from recess and I read our chapter book.
12:30 is either fundations time (yuck, I find this very boring) or math intervention time.  A second shot at math for all kids.
1:00 Specials time art, music, guidance, technology lab, library, gym.  This is when we have our team meetings.  I have grown to hate this time even though it is a break from my kiddos.  I have so much to do in my classroom.  Maybe next year.
1:45 Writing time or Social Studies or Science time.  Depends on the day.
2:35 We get ready for buses.
2:45 first busers head out the door
2:50 second loaders leave for the day.
3:00 we are contracted to stay until now.  I usually stay until 4:30 getting my class ready for the next day or meeting with others.  I am a substitute tutor and I work on our districts science curriculum.  All these things happen at this time
5:15 I make it home or out to a zumba class.
6:30 is when I drag home and make a little dinner check email and collapse in front of the tv
10:00 is up to bed.

Wow, I never realized how much I do on a regular day.
My favorite shoes are currently my sandals.  I am in love with everything Merrell.  They are so great for my feet.  What are your favorite shoes?  Do forget to link up with a Day in your shoes.

My current favorite shoe for the summer.  So comfy!
Ruby Red Slippers


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th of July

From Sea to Shining Sea.....I hope everyone has a wonderful holiday today!  It is beautiful here.  The pool is inviting and it's time to catch up on some relaxation.  Check out some pictures of my kids from past 4th of Julys.  Enjoy!

It's so fun to look at pictures of my kids when they were younger!
Here we are in April!

 Oh my how fast they all grow up!  Happy 4th!  
May the 4th be with you (as my brother Chuck would say!)