Sunday, September 23, 2012

 What a week!  We have been working on reading groups, playing new
 games on the much loved ipod touches, had our picture day, and all won
 a bracelet with a responsibility tag for keeping our room cleaned.
 Here is the class on picture day.  Don't they all look so sharp in
 their dress up clothes?

 This week we had our first Skyping session with Mrs. Hilton's class
 from Iowa.  We introduced ourselves to each other and saw some of each
 others room.  We were all excited to know that we have a lot of the
 same kinds of things I our classrooms.  Our class sang an apple song
 that Mrs. Hilton's class knew so we sang the song together. 
 We are looking forward to skyping again soon.

 During our whole school community time we took a whole school
 picture.  We are a large handsome group.  Our class is in the second row 
behind the kindergarten.  I'm in a green shirt on the left-hand side.  It 
was a beautiful fall day! 
 We are dealing with sickness in our classroom this week.  Let's hope
the weekend has a chance to clean out all the germs.  Rest up kids!
Our school has a new service of providing fresh fruits and vegetables
3 days a week.  What a huge difference it has made  with my students. 
Just the exposure alone of fruits and veggies they have never tried
This week we had the pleasure of having Leah Mermelstein at our
school.  Lots of discussion on writing workshop on what works and what
doesn't.  We looked at the genre of persuasion writing and the common
core.  Our first grade team has decided to have students write
persuasion pieces over what their favorite fruit is.  It is a perfect
tie in to our snack program.  We will have kids try to persuade others
to choose their fruit.  We will start this after a few more opportunities 
to try more delicious fruit. 
Good Luck Leah and remember "Claire" is a lovely name!  JK...
Our class has been working on a class video to share with our skyping buddies 
and others.  Take a peek into our classroom.  We had fun creating it.
Other events this week were fire drills, Community walk time on our walking path,
kids getting sick right in the middle of the classroom, and our fourth grade 
buddies visiting to practice the apple song that we hope to teach the whole 
school next week. 
Have a great week!

Remember to be kind!


Monday, September 3, 2012

Our 1st Week and a great Tip!

      What a great week our first week was.  We were busy every moment!  It's all about routines, routines, and more routines.  Everyone is  learning how long it really takes from the start of school until lunch time at noon.  Our snack time is a must this year.  Everyone gobbled up the crackers, chips and animal crackers to tie them over until lunch.  This week I have more crackers but have purchased some gold fish and pretzels for a change.
      I read several of my first week favorites last week and the kids can't seem to get enough of them.  I always read the Harry the Dirty Dog books by Gene Zion.  They are very old (written in the mid 50's) but I always find that the kids can relate to this beloved character.  I think getting dirty and taking baths really speaks to the kid in all of us.  My very favorite Harry book is Harry by the Sea.  It is such an adventure going to the beach and getting lost.   I always build the excitement to this book telling the kids not to be absent the day I read it because they won't want to miss it.  Wouldn't you know two kids were out that day.  I add as much drama as I can while reading it that I have the kids are screaming to help Harry find his family.    I just love the twist of a new umbrella at the end.   I love seeing them fight over the 3 copies I have of this book.

Here's my big tip for this year!  Blue Painters Tape!

I love this stuff.  I use it to put my posters up and I have a lot.  I repair books with it.  I also bind the Reading a to z books so that they last longer.  I use to bind my kids paper journals.  I've made balls to toss during morning meeting time games. I use it to mark the carpet for various things and it comes right up. The uses are end less.  I love that it doesn't leave a residue when peeling it off the wall plus it leaves the paint.  So go to Wally World and spend about $7 for a roll that will last you a whole year.  I always buy the thick 2 inch size and just cut it down if I need to.

I love the little monsters my kiddos created this week.  We read the Rhyming Dust Bunnies by Jan Thomas and loved it.
 Here I am my first week back!  The desk doesn't look too bad......yet.  Let's check it out next week to compare the difference.

Remember to be kind!