Sunday, January 27, 2013

Winter Writing Freebie

     Olde Man Winter is still alive and well in Vermont.  This past week we saw temperatures well below Zero.  Which of course means inside recess. :(  It was dangerously cold but we learn to live with it.  My colleague Kelly Heinlein created a cute snowflake activity that I'm sharing today.  She cut out a large snowflake out of blue construction paper and placed a small square of lined paper in the middle of it.  She had the kids glue some pretty blue glitter to the tips of the snowflake.  Kelly had her students write a sentence about what they like to do in the snow.  I just love how it looks on her bulletin board.  Thanks Kelly for sharing.

We have been practicing counting money.  Even though the common core says that first grade doesn't need to study money, our district decided that we need to introduce the names and values of the coins.  I give my kids handfuls of coins to sort and count.  It has been wonderful to see the kids starting to understand why learning to count by 10's and 5's is important.


Sunday, January 20, 2013

Morning Meeting Song

We have had some crazy weather in January.  This past week all our deep snow melted all away with warm temperatures in the 40's.  It was truly a January thaw.  Next week we are headed back into the deep freeze with high temperatures in near 0 degrees and low temps near -10.  Brrrrr.  At our whole school community meeting on Friday morning our class tried to warm up the students with a little song called The Shark Song.  We wore sunglasses and had everyone riding surf boards.  Check us out.

I hope you are in a warmer climate than we are.

Here is a cute little video that I'm sure my kiddos will love about amphibians.
Remember to be kind!


Sunday, January 13, 2013

Happy Winter!

   I'm back into the swing of things now at school.  We have had lots of snow in Vermont/NY and the kids have had a ball at recess.  I love listening to all their happy play on the playground.  Here are some things we have been working on lately.

My kids are finding QR codes of their names around the room and recording them on a sheet at their desks.

 Jenna is squeezing glue into a snowman mold then sprinkling with white glitter for an internet project we are working on. Katie painted a snowman and snowflake white.

 Here my kiddos are decorating a glittered snowman.  And the finished product.  The picture doesn't do these guys justice.  They are all sparkly.  I'll be sending them out on Monday for a nice Internet project. 
Our window is decorated with beautiful sharpie marker designs and pretty little snowflakes.  Thanks Catie.  Can you see the snow piled high out of the window?
 Look at this great bunch of kids and they are all mine.  Catie and Bobbie came for a quick visit on Friday.   I'm sad to see them head back to college this weekend.

Have a great week!

Remember to be kind!