Sunday, May 18, 2014

Annual Project Tee-Shirt

        It's that time of year again.  My Annual Tee-Shirt Project has arrived again.  I ask my students to send in a new white tee-shirt, usually from Walmart.  I design a tee-shirt using self portraits of my kiddos.  Then I use tee-shirt transfer paper and iron the design onto the tee-shirts.  My class wears them on our field trip to the Tyler Place.  It will be a day to celebrate the end of first grade with loads of fun, swimming, boat rides, hiking and games.  We'll picnic together, too.  We love our time at the Tyler Place every year.  I love that my class is united by our shirts.  I bumped into some parents of former students that I had many years ago in Walmart.  I was getting a few extra white tee-shirts to complete this project.  They mentioned that they still had the tee-shirts from many years ago.  They are cherished mementos from first grade.  That's why I do it.  I'm making memories.

 My cat Ziti apparently loves them.

 Enjoy your week!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

What a Week!

First off Happy Mother's Day everyone.  I hope you were all able to spend some time with or thinking about your moms and hope your kids remembered to honor you today.
    On Tuesday was were treated to a wonderful presentation on farming by our new superintendent Winn Goodrich.  It was exciting to hear him speak of all the things we have been learning about in our unit on farming.  It was great to hear about the different kinds of cows and where they originated in the world long ago.  Mr. Goodrich shared a video of his parents on the farm from a local tv station. It was fascinating and fun.  We enjoyed some yummy Cabot cheese snacks, stickers and booklets about cheese.  Mr. Goodrich had a hand in making the cheese snacks earlier on in his career.  It was a great way to illustrate farm to table for our students.  We welcome Mr. Goodrich to our district and look forward to sharing more first grade events with him.
Check out Mr. Goodrich's Family Farm...Molly Brook Farms

     On Thursday of this week I had my annual Mother's Day Tea.  It was well attended.  I love seeing all the smiling moms.   We sang, served, spoke great thoughts, and created for our moms.  It was an afternoon of genuine love between mother and child.  I would like to thank our fabulous assistant principal, Ms. Casavant who spent time with our class helping to learn the song  Sing (Karen Carpenter).  You know the song....."Sing.  Sing as song.  Sing out loud.  Sing out strong.  Sing of good things not bad.  Sing of happy not sad." .......  It was adorable!
     Part of our event was a slide show of our year together.  Then a video with kids declaring their love for their moms and the special things they do for them.  I get choked up just listening to my kiddos speak about their moms.  It was a special afternoon.  Thanks to all the moms for making an effort to come.
Check out our Slide Show of our year HERE.

Sweet declarations of love!