Thursday, June 23, 2016

M.S.M.s and Building Materials

Last look at my old carpet and linoleum.  Good Bye......  New flooring happens at the end of July.

M.S.M. = Mad Scientist Moment
Kids try to put 11 nails on the head of one nail.  Love their attempts and love the science googles.

 Pattern Blocks are one of my favorite building materials just like the kids.  They beg me often to create with the colorful blocks.
 I love the imagination that pattern blocks foster.  Check out the bee hive at the bottom.
 Geoblocks are another one of my favorite building materials.  I love the designs.  

I love summer time.  I love
 writing again and sharing
all things first grade.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Summer Time Recharge

Wahooooooo!  It's summer!  I'm so loving this time to recharge.  I'm binging on Orange is the New Black.  Wow it's great to escape into another world.  What's your favorite recharge activity?
Hallway poster with raised lettering and kids hanging off the words.  It was fun to make.
We loved using Chalk Markers to draw on the windows.
 I love how the bright the dots for International Dot Day came out.
I can't wait to share more ideas from this past year!