Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kids Art

 I just love the colorful creations of my kiddos.  These designs were done on 4" X 5" white copy paper with Sharpie Markers.  I told them to try to fill in all the white space.  I love how the marker bleeds through the paper and looks great on a sunny window.  This was a winter time activity.  You can see the snow in the background of each design.
 The following pictures were created in MS Paint.  I love their color choices.  I taught them how to copy and paste.  So if you look closely enough you can see some kiddos used that technique in their images.  Don't you just love how all of their characters are happy?  That's how my kiddos see the world.
Making the World a better place one picture at a time.
As my mom always said, "There's an art to creating art!"  Kids find their voice in their own creations.  It's a makers world!  What will you create today?