Sunday, August 2, 2015

Kids Art

 I just love the colorful creations of my kiddos.  These designs were done on 4" X 5" white copy paper with Sharpie Markers.  I told them to try to fill in all the white space.  I love how the marker bleeds through the paper and looks great on a sunny window.  This was a winter time activity.  You can see the snow in the background of each design.
 The following pictures were created in MS Paint.  I love their color choices.  I taught them how to copy and paste.  So if you look closely enough you can see some kiddos used that technique in their images.  Don't you just love how all of their characters are happy?  That's how my kiddos see the world.
Making the World a better place one picture at a time.
As my mom always said, "There's an art to creating art!"  Kids find their voice in their own creations.  It's a makers world!  What will you create today?

Friday, July 31, 2015

Pondering Ideas From Others

I love July.  I am so glad that we still have some beautiful summer days left.  I always like to catch up on what's trending in education by reading lots of different blog posts.  I'm sharing interesting thoughts of others today.

Here is a great blog post about tips for how to have a stress-free year.

21st century skills.....Anne Shaw writes an excellent article on Technology in Schools.  Technology is not just having all of the's really more than that.

It's all about technology at ISTE.....Read about the best tools in ed tech here.

Love these Project ideas from ISTE......PBL is where it's at:

Connecting kids with nature.....a lost art

Monday, July 27, 2015

My Favorite App

Nutshell Camera
I love love love this app.  It is a video app.  You take a picture and that starts the video.  Then you take a second picture.  It continues to video tape.  Lastly, take a 3rd photo and that ends the video.  The app then lets you add cool animated illustrations.  The app puts the photos and video together.  It turns it into a 12-13 sec video.  Here are a few videos so you can get the idea.

My cat Ziti!

Letting my friend know that her dogs were ok!

I had to figure how to use this great app with my class.  Check out what I came up with for my Mother's Day Tea!  I just strung all the Nutshell videos into an iMovie.  Soon I'll share my Mother's Day video that highlights this app.


This is an app from Prezi!  It is so fun and so easy.  What ideas do you have for Nutshell?

Have fun with this free app!

Thursday, July 23, 2015

Random Thoughts About First Grade

Here are a fun first grade ideas:
An easy compettition is stacking Oreo cookies.
Katie won the challenge with 19 Oreos!
So fun to create funky glasses to spice up a cold January day. 
 I have an addiction to dice.  I love to give everyone 4 dice to add together.  Helps with practicing quick mental math.....I always say "Go To The Ten"  So that's what I call the game.
I had a great parent who would create wooden shapes throughout the year for us to paint.  We used acrylic paints and puff paint.  I love how they turned out.
These are cut sponges that my class loves to build with.  I bought cheap sponges at the dollar store and cut them into logs.  It is so simple yet my kids loved playing with them all year.

Have a wonderful day!

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Bulletin Boards and Displays

Here are a few ideas for displays.
 Mother's Day Display.......portraits of our moms......During our Mother's Day Tea the moms all try to find their own picture.  I like how cheery and colorful it looks.
 This is a simple board but I love it.  I took a full length photo of each child.  I asked them to pose and show me some attitude.  My class was adorable.
 Another Mother's Day display, I had each child hold a different letter that together spells out "I love you mom."  
 International Dot Day display........I had all kiddos create their own dots on an iPad then printed out several copies of each dot and taped them on sentence strips to display on the wall.
 Ten Apples Up On Top Display.....I too a full length picture of each child in odd positions and they colored some apples to stack up on top.........I loved this Open House display and so did the kids and their parents.
 I always do some kind of pumpkin patch.......I love these pumpkin characters with their googly eyes and scary mouth and teeth.
 Rhyming Dust Bunnies are easy to create on's was easy to make them dance along the walls.
Each season I like to hang some kind of garland in half of the doorway.  The dollar store is a cheap place to get colorful garlands.  Here the students created snowmen and cut them out.  I strung them together.  I love the look of them and the kids are proud of their own handy work.
 This past winter seemed to last forever.  I love snowmen displays.  Pinterest has wonderful ideas.  We did a penguin unit and each child created their adorable little birds.

My favorite kind of display is one where the kids use creativity to express their own ideas.  What are your favorite kind of displays?

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Osmo is Amazing!

Osmo is an iPad game system.  It's really cool technology.  It's a bit of Augmented Reality meets Learning that meshes with a whole lot of fun.   My class begged me to take it out throughout the year.  It is engaging, educational, motivating, easy and hard, and over all, tons of fun. There are four games or "activities" which are apps, Tangrams, Words and Newton. Their latest app called Masterpiece allows the user to draw incredible pictures. You buy the set up and game pieces, then download the apps for free.  Kids need very little instruction to play.  I love Osmo and was glad I took a chance and bought 4 sets early on.  Check out Osmo in action with my class.

Check out Osmo Here.  Great videos to see it in action.
Osmo for Schools
A Teacher's Guide for Osmo (new)

Very engaged students!
Look how happy these two are!
Love how this student got excited each time he created the design correctly.
Love the collaborative nature Osmo instills.

Osmo is an Amazing Product!  It might be just what you need to spice up the technology in your classroom.  Have Fun!