Thursday, July 23, 2015

Random Thoughts About First Grade

Here are a fun first grade ideas:
An easy compettition is stacking Oreo cookies.
Katie won the challenge with 19 Oreos!
So fun to create funky glasses to spice up a cold January day. 
 I have an addiction to dice.  I love to give everyone 4 dice to add together.  Helps with practicing quick mental math.....I always say "Go To The Ten"  So that's what I call the game.
I had a great parent who would create wooden shapes throughout the year for us to paint.  We used acrylic paints and puff paint.  I love how they turned out.
These are cut sponges that my class loves to build with.  I bought cheap sponges at the dollar store and cut them into logs.  It is so simple yet my kids loved playing with them all year.

Have a wonderful day!

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