Friday, July 17, 2015

I Love New Books!

Books Books Books!  My own kids and my friends often think I'm crazy for spending so much money on new books.  They all think that I've got enough books..........I always tell them......."You can never have enough books."  It funny how, when I find a book I like it's a must have for my collection.  Check out of the books I found over this past year.
 I tell my first graders that 10 is the most important number.  This book helped to make this point. As well as how being by one's self is ok but life gets much better with friends.
 This is a beautiful book with a beautiful message.  I used the title as a prompt for my Mother's Day Tea videos from my kiddos.  I read this book at the Tea.  The pictures are very inspirational, colorfully painted rocks.  I love this book.
 I love chicken books and this was a great addition to my chicken collection.  Great book to teach problems and solutions.
 Here is a great book about loving who you are.
 Another book by Cronin and Lewin with lovable characters.

 This a wonderful leprechaun story about being smarter than you think you are.
 Cute story about having  friend!
Love Love Love this story!  I love it so much that I bought another one for a friend.  Winning is over rated.  This book is so fun as a read aloud.  The fart contest is just what your smelly class will want to try.  Hahaha   OK maybe not but kids love the monsters and the message.

Enjoy these great reads!  

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