Monday, July 27, 2015

My Favorite App

Nutshell Camera
I love love love this app.  It is a video app.  You take a picture and that starts the video.  Then you take a second picture.  It continues to video tape.  Lastly, take a 3rd photo and that ends the video.  The app then lets you add cool animated illustrations.  The app puts the photos and video together.  It turns it into a 12-13 sec video.  Here are a few videos so you can get the idea.

My cat Ziti!

Letting my friend know that her dogs were ok!

I had to figure how to use this great app with my class.  Check out what I came up with for my Mother's Day Tea!  I just strung all the Nutshell videos into an iMovie.  Soon I'll share my Mother's Day video that highlights this app.


This is an app from Prezi!  It is so fun and so easy.  What ideas do you have for Nutshell?

Have fun with this free app!

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