Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Osmo is Amazing!

Osmo is an iPad game system.  It's really cool technology.  It's a bit of Augmented Reality meets Learning that meshes with a whole lot of fun.   My class begged me to take it out throughout the year.  It is engaging, educational, motivating, easy and hard, and over all, tons of fun. There are four games or "activities" which are apps, Tangrams, Words and Newton. Their latest app called Masterpiece allows the user to draw incredible pictures. You buy the set up and game pieces, then download the apps for free.  Kids need very little instruction to play.  I love Osmo and was glad I took a chance and bought 4 sets early on.  Check out Osmo in action with my class.

Check out Osmo Here.  Great videos to see it in action.
Osmo for Schools
A Teacher's Guide for Osmo (new)

Very engaged students!
Look how happy these two are!
Love how this student got excited each time he created the design correctly.
Love the collaborative nature Osmo instills.

Osmo is an Amazing Product!  It might be just what you need to spice up the technology in your classroom.  Have Fun!

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