Thursday, April 1, 2010



We lrnd about anumls.

We made anumls macks.

I derest as a cow.

Mis hallmin came.

We lrnd about hostings jursy blakagis.


I mad A couw

With mis holumin and hr dotr.

Abby drast up as a couw.

We had fan lo stufuf.

We mad a masc.

She brung a brn.


mrs. holumin cam in .

mrs. holmin brot a big drin with a cow.

We mad cow mask with mrs. holmin.

Abby dast up as a cow.

I mad a cow name jrsey.


We made cow mask .

Abby drest as a cow.

We lrnd froming .

We had fun.

We lrnd cows.


Mrs Homes came in to ore class.

We lern about black angis.

We lern about hole stens.

We lern about jerses.

We played a cow game.


Hoistemm jrseey biak agis

Mis holomin cam in

Shee bbot in a Bon in the clasrum

Abby drest up lik a caw.


I mad A cow with masck it was A Gerce cow.

Mis hoallomin I lord abot cow we had

Mascks. She Beruing a Barn in the claseroom .


mrs.holmin came in. Are class made pictrs of cows. I made a holstem. We lernd obaut holstems and jerses and black angis. We lernd songs.


I lern wut a black agis is. We made macs.

Abby jrest up as a cow. mrs holmen tod us

that a cow has 4 stumicis.


Mrs holiman came in and we learned about cows.

There is three kinds of cows.

We made cow masks. Abby dressed like a cow.

I colored a cow.


mrs.hollomin came to are class room. And we toked about cows.abby drested up like a cow.wen abby walk arouned the class room and let as fele the ater.

I got to kather a cow picher.


Yesterday I lernd on cows in Vermont.One is the jersey it gives cream milk.The black angis is yousd for meat.The holsteam gives lots of milk.With out cows we wod not have milk.If you have a cow think what luck you have to have a cow.


we learned about farming. We made animal macks.mrs.hollemen camein.abby drest as a cow. We learned about holesteen jersey black anges.

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