Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A morning at the Noel Farm

Wow! What a great morning at the farm. Hannah was there to meet our bus as we arrived! We learned lots of things about how they run their organic farm. They raise Galaway Cows and chickens. It was fun taking a tour and hearing all about their farm. What did you learn today at the farm?
Mrs. Dietsche


  1. eg
    i sau a cow.
    i sau a chickends.
    i sau a tractor.
    i sau a boll.
    i smald cow moru.

  2. al

    we sat on a traler. mrs.holmin took a picter of
    me.we saw a cow. the cow is a galaway.I saw a bull.

  3. ag
    i sall a bull.
    i sall a cow.
    i sall chickins.
    we sall bons.
    i sall a bon.

  4. ms
    I sall a cow.
    I sall a bull.
    I sall sume chickens.
    I sall a farm.
    I sall a trater.

  5. ka
    we stol a cows.
    we stol a warm.
    i pet a cow.
    i stol a bull.
    i stol a chicken.

  6. BL
    I hade fun.
    I soe a cow.
    I soe a babe cow.
    I soe cickins.
    I smeld cow mnor.

  7. io
    I peted a cow.
    I saw a cow.
    I saw a chicken.
    I saw a bull.
    we got in to a trailer.

  8. pr
    Today I went to a farm!It was cool there was
    a Galaway.Hanna showd us arond.there were
    chikens and a rooster we even sall a bull!
    we got to pet a calf.we sall lots of cows.
    I had lots of fun!

  9. og
    i so a caws.
    i so a bly.
    i pikt up a hay bal.
    i so a cikinn.
    we got in a tralr.

  10. eg
    i sau a cow.
    i sau a chickens.
    i sau bull.
    i patid a cow.
    i sau a tractor.

  11. bt
    i saw a cow.
    i saw chaens.
    i saw a bul.
    i played duck & cow.
    i saw a tractr.

  12. OR
    i went to noelS farm.i saw a cow cold galaway.i saw a bull.i saw some chein.i saw hanas hobind.

  13. ld
    we went to the noels farm.
    we got to pet a cow.
    we saw a bull.
    we saw some galaway.
    we played duck and cow.

  14. AR
    I went to noels farm.
    I sall a cow and a bull it was calld a galaway.
    I played duck and cow.
    I sall a green houes.
    I sall chickin.

  15. What a wonderful field trip! I am so glad that you enjoyed being able to see and pet the farm animals. Great job blogging about your experience!

    Mrs. Larivee

  16. dw
    i saw a cows.i saw a tratr.i saw munor.
    i saw chicins. i saw a old tratr

  17. pr
    mrs.Dietsche do you like being a techer?
    I hope you do coues I like you.When you say
    your old I'd say your 37.
    Love PR!!!

  18. al
    It was soupr rily fun.