Friday, April 16, 2010

Busy Friday

Wow what a busy day we had in first grade today. We worked in the computer lab blogging and creating a special project. Everyone learned some new skills and worked very hard to complete all tasks. Our current book total for the Wacky Challenge is: 150 books! Wahoo.... we met our goal of reading 100 books and now are working on our second 100. We take pictures of us reading every day. Today we read 2 by 2. We love read.
This afternoon we worked on some challenging math problems. Everyone did a marvelous job at counting by 3s all the way to 72! We also whipped up a bunch more beads for our African Animal Bead Project. We are getting to be experts at making beads. It really helps with our fine motor.
I hope everyone has a great afternoon. Don't forget to bring in a new white tee-shirt.

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