Monday, April 26, 2010


Yippeeeee! It's vacation. I hope everyone is enjoying their time off. Are you reading? I hope so. I have been working on our Mother's Day project and designing our class tee-shirt. I also counted all of the beads and sprayed them all so that they will be shiny. Are you ready to put the kits together? Don't forget to sleep in a little after all you are on vacation. I miss you all. See you in a week.
Mrs. Dietsche
PS Check out the surveys and vote.


  1. al

    its fuoun in florda.I read on the plan.I mis you.

    love al

  2. Oh AL I am so glad that you are having fun in Florida. Great job on checking out our blog. I can see that you are getting smarter by reading on the plane. I like to read when I fly on a plane too. If you see Mickey say hi to him for me. Thanks. Have fun.
    Love, Mrs. Dietsche