Thursday, April 22, 2010

Thursday end of our week

Wow, What a week! We have been busy from start to finish. We have been working on projects for our Mother's Day Tea. It's all a bit hush hush. We want our moms to be surprised. We had our last farming lesson with Mrs. Holiman. We taste tested fruits today. Yummy Yummy!
We finished our reading challenge by reading over 200 books this month. I spray the whole class with silly string in front of the whole school. It was fun to watch the prizes from other classes happen, pie in the face, hair coloring, and cold water poured on a teacher. Let's keep reading.
Have a great vacation everyone. Please leave a comment for our class. We love hearing from everyone.
Mrs. Dietsche


  1. You have such a fun classroom! You are an encouragement to others! It sounds like your students have a lot of fun! Thanks for inviting me to your site to visit! Luv2teach1

  2. OR
    1see car go by.
    2tuoch a loly pop.

    3smell a roes.
    4i taste some ice cream
    5i hear a sirin.