Thursday, April 1, 2010

First Graders write about Authors Visit

Mr. pollatta came to our skool.
He made 60 book.
One of his books are calld hoo wud win liins or tigrs.
Mr.pollatta is funy.

Mr.Plota came . He made books for kids ho donot like to read. It was a trick .
It was an anml vs an anml. But it was resrtch about 2 anmls.

Made kisst the be.
Mrka the mungke he had a hud he put a mungke skul in hiz hud.
Crsin did it to.
Brianna didit to.

Mr.plotu has no haru on his had.
Mr.plotu came in.
Mr.plotu mad savin book.
Mr.plotu now abawt bugs.

Mir pollatta came.
He made 60 books.
One book is cold who will win.

We say books.
And we red books.
And he was funny.
Your books are funny.

Mistr plodu cam .
Heey red usab ooks .
Hee rot 60 books.
Hee told us war hee livd.

We sow a other yesterday . a bee came to Made kisst the bee she Marde the bee, Mrke the mukeyh he had a scall on his hed . he was funney.

Your book . are fun
And . thir grat .
And I like mis. Plodu.
You mak the grat books.

I love his books.
He is funny.
He came to school.
I like him.

Mr.pallata came in .
Mr. pallata has no hair on his.
Mr. pallata nos about bugs.
Mr. pallata rote 60 books.

it was fun with mr. pollatta. He rote 60 books.he gave mrs. Diestche lion vs.tiger and in it he rote I ate mrs. Diestche class. He is funny.

I saw is funy.I like mr shod as a lopster.

Yesterday Mr.Polatta an ather came in the lybary!
He showed some of his books he made number books
And althabet books.He made sixty books so far
He rote Lion v.t Tiger and Icy bugs.Mr.Polatta is lots
of fun!

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  1. I am Pauline's french grandmother
    I think she was very happy to met an author in the library