Thursday, April 15, 2010

Fire Drill Thursday

We had 2 fire drills this morning. One was planned and one was unplanned. The unplanned one came when they were resetting the building. But we went right out of the building both times. It was great practice and a beautiful morning.
Mrs. Holiman came in this morning and we talked all about our visit to the farm on Tuesday. We also learned about the different types of grains. We took turns crushing some grain with a stone on a stump. Then we tried our hand at grinding some corn in an old meat grinder. Mrs. Holiman had some whole grain bread for us to try. Most kids said that it was yummy.
Today we talked about things that come in 2's and then we moved on to things that come in 4's during math time. Most of us can count by 4's to 32! Wahooooo....very smart kids!
We are headed to the computer lab in the morning to blog and work on a project.


  1. Wow, Sounds like the day I had today!!!! Busy, busy, busy. Very glad it's Friday. Have a good weekend....or, by the time you all read this, I hope that you HAD a good weekend.
    Penny Overton

  2. al
    It was 1 bell we got in then a 2 bell rang