Saturday, May 28, 2011

Happy Holiday Weekend!

Oh Guess what?  It's raining again!  When will it stop?  I'm hoping for warm sunny weather this holiday!  This past week we went on our field trip to the Tyler Place in Highgate Springs, VT.  We sang the song Oh Mr. Sun sun Mr. Golden sun, please shine down on me.....and  I think that little song held off the rain so that we could have a magical day of boat rides, hikes and swimming.  Our class looked so handsome in their new tee-shirts!  One of our fabulous parents created a slide show of the day and put it to music.  It really captures the magic of our field trip!  Thank you so much Mrs. King for putting the show together!  Check it out!  Have a warm sunny weekend everyone.
Love, Mrs. Dietsche
PS 10 1/2 days left until summer vacation.  Yippee!

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