Sunday, August 18, 2013

It's all over!

      Yes, summer vacation has come to and end for Vermont teachers. Oh how I'll miss the lazy days of sleeping in and beach lounging.   It has taken me about 2 weeks of putting my classroom back together and weeding out the old junk that I've been holding onto.  It has been a time of "letting go".  I've "let go" of a lot of my teaching materials that I don't use any more and feeling great about it.  My mission was to rid my classroom of clutter and I am well on my way.  Things are looking good at the moment.  I have one major component that has yet to be added to my classroom.  My own PC computer lab of 12 computers.  Yes, I got word that I will have one to one in my classroom for next year.  I am very excited and nervous.  This will be the beginning of my classroom transformation.
    Check out how my classroom currently looks....just now waiting for the computer lab to take over the front portion of my room.

       Now onto the decorating.  I have created some great new numbers with number words and months of the year for my wall.  I need some jazzing up of my walls.  I haven't decided what to do on my hallway bulletin board yet.  I'm waiting for some inspiration this coming week during inservice.

    I have been reviewing the common core standards over the summer and this morning came across some fantastic videos from the Teachers College produced by Lucy Calkins and based on her book the Pathways To The Common Core.  The videos are very well done.  They all start with a great overview of what you'll see.  I will be referring back to them throughout the year I'm sure.  Check them out if you are struggling with how to incorporate the CC Standards in your work with young children.

This summer has been a time of transformation in my yard.  I took my pool out of my yard and replaced it with a beautiful patio.  I love love love it.
    Both of my kids are off to college and the nest will be empty again.  It will be quiet around here but I know both kids are happy and thriving and so I'm happy.

Here's to another great year!

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  1. Claire,

    Excited to find a Vermont blog. I have been toying with doing a blog but there are lots of technical challenges. I can relate to your collection of stuff. I have a 29 year collection but they always come to me if they need something. I love reading blogs to improve my teaching and see what others are doing. I will keep reading. Thanks