Monday, May 17, 2010

Monday Monday

It is a beautiful day today. I hope this weather lasts. We have finished making our African Bracelet kits last week. Tomorrow we will deliver them to all classes. We hope every one loves their new bracelets. Friday is our African Share Day and we are making a photostory about Beatrice, the goats, and our fundraising bracelet kits. I hope it's finished in time.
Tell me what you think about our big African Project.
Mrs. Dietsche


  1. we got to get 3 gots.we got to get 1 chiken.I like making beds and kits. I love the braslets.

  2. pr
    When we made the braslets I orderd
    all of them but one.The colors are raely
    pretty.I made the crocodile one.My teacher
    got one from the class.She loved it!

  3. og
    i kant wat.
    until the afin shaday.
    i like my amunol.
    loin r kool.

  4. ag
    i got my kit.
    i like rhino.
    i like zebrus.
    i like lions.

  5. ms
    I got a Rhino kit.
    I like zebra.
    I like the anmles.
    I like crocdiles.

  6. io
    My favorite thing about africa was the bracelet.
    It was fun makeing the beeds to.
    we got 3 goats.
    we got a chicken to.

  7. OR
    i liked makeing beads wiht mrs caswell.i like
    sorting beads.i loved heanding them out.i liked
    pooting the beads in the bag.

  8. LD
    I like makeing the braselets.
    I have the ostrig.
    We made safarie beads.
    It was fun makeing the beads.

  9. sg
    I like the baslis.
    I cant wat Itil we get a got.
    I am going to woch berichsts.
    I like my baslit.

  10. dw
    i like making beds.
    i like making the masks.
    i made kits.
    my animal is a lion.

  11. ar
    I like makeing the bedes.
    I like cheetu.
    we are giting 3 gotes.
    we are giting 1 chikin.

  12. ka
    i liked the goat project.
    we got 3 goats.
    we made anmols braslets.
    we got a lot a munny.

  13. It was an amazing project and took us a while to complete. We certainly learned a lot about the people and animals of Africa. I had so much fun working with this class on this project. You should all be so proud that you accomplished so much. You have made the lives of people you have never met better. Congratulations!
    Mrs. Caswell

  14. Not sure how to post a new comment under today's date, so I'm adding it here.
    I just wanted to say Happy Friday to everyone and I also wanted to wish my wonderful, big boy Isaac a superdooper Happy Birthday this coming Sunday, May 23rd, 2010. He's going to be 7 just some of his friends are already. Have a great day Mrs. Dietsche's 1st Graders!
    Penny Overton