Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Welcome back everyone,
Did you have a great vacation? Tell me about it. What did you learn at the New Kids On The Blcok Puppet Show?
Mrs. Dietsche


  1. ag
    i went to the mapel festtul.
    i went to my settr.
    i went to new youk.
    we sall a pupit show.
    we lrn to not blleyin.

  2. al
    I went to florda.I saw 2 starfish.I saw crabs.

    We went to a pupit show. becaue thay didnot no are names thay colde us the coler of are shrts.
    It was abaut bulying.

  3. io
    at the puppet show they talked about safety.
    I saw 4 kids on the block.
    I mapelfest it was fun.
    I got my baseball shirt and hat.
    I got a new dog.

  4. ar
    we wocht a pupitshowe.
    It was about bling.
    I went to the mapl festbul
    I went on the ziper.
    It went upsidedown.

  5. bl
    iwent to the mapl festubl.
    i had fun.
    i went to my dads.

    i did not like the pupit sho.
    it wuz ubuot buleing.

  6. pr
    On the kids on the block I leaned that
    when a bully is bulling you tell
    on him or her.You can even preatend
    that you are not scard.On my vacatoin
    I was in a contest to mack maple surup
    cookies.I even rowed a pony at the
    maple festivole I also got cotin candy.At my houes I painted a pictre of a river and a
    duck.Me a my family went to eat at a

  7. eg
    i want to my gramu.
    i gut to pickt a babey duck up.
    i went to lacey brthday.
    the pupit shou wus ubawt boleing.
    not to boley.

  8. jm
    i went to my sistr stefnee.
    in man and there was a dog named Princess.
    Me and Stefnee went to get some eggs from the chicken coop. we also went frog catching from the pond. We went fishing at the lake.
    The puppet show was really good. I liked the music of the singing.

  9. og
    i like mrk in a weelther.
    i wotht a pupitsh.
    i rod my fowelr.
    i rod my dads motrsikol.
    we went too my mamus on my dads motrsikol.

  10. ms
    I went to the maplbple festuble.
    I played with my ds.
    I like to play my games with my soulsilver in my ds.
    We sall a puppit show.
    The puppit show was about boleing.

  11. SG
    It was a bot boling. I like playing the Wii. i love my mom wen she hags me.
    i love my dog.

  12. ld
    puppet show.
    we saw a puppet show.
    there was a boy in a wheel chair.
    i liked vacashon.
    we came back yester day.
    vacashon was fun.

  13. BT
    I did not lick the puupit sho.
    I thot the puupit sho was bad.
    I wet to the m.f.
    I loved veekashon.
    I played drds.

  14. ka
    we stall a pupit show.
    i like mork in the wechar.
    we had a fun.
    i went to my dads.
    it was fun.

  15. OR
    i went to my grandma vansulet.i went to a party. i went to my grandma.i saw a pupitshow.i saw some pupits.

  16. dw
    we woch a pupit show.it was funny.
    i went fishing.
    i rod on the forwelr.
    i went to my dads it was fun.