Tuesday, June 1, 2010

9 Days Left

Wow! What a week! The Tyler Place was fantastic! It was a beautiful day with our parents. Our class looked great in our new tee-shirts. We had a boat ride. It was a cruise really. We hiked through the woods, rode on the zipline, climbed a two story tree house, played on a pirate ship and swam in a big warm pool with a great slide. We danced, ate popsicles, and got sprayed with water by the teachers. It was a ball. Everyone wanted to do it again the next day.
Well we had a another beautiful weekend with parades and pow wows! Please tell me how your weekend was. Where did you go? What did you eat? Who did you see? What happened at the parade? What happened at the Pow Wow? Did you do anything special?
We have 9 days of school left. Next Tuesday we will have a special day! We will have Shaggy's Pizza and PB & J. We have some special activities and Mrs. Caswell will be in for her last visit.
Mrs. Dietsche


  1. OR

    i went to my grandma.
    i spend the nighit at my grandmas .
    i wor my moms hi heals.
    i saw my mom and dad.

  2. AR
    I went swiming in my moms boyfirends pool.
    I was in the prad.
    I wavde a flag.
    I throde candy.

  3. ka
    i went simmming.
    i went to my nanas.
    i had a cucaoot.
    i had fun.

  4. pr
    On the weekend I went to the parade.I cliymed
    the cliymming wale.I cliymed it five times
    and presset the button three times.My dad won
    two prisses.I saw Kevin at Chucky Fride chiken
    he was suprist.I had fun!

  5. og
    i went too my mamus haws.
    i drov my dads sumit.
    i went on the trapoleen at my mamus.
    i got hrt at my mamus.

  6. ag
    i went to new youk.
    i had milk.
    i played with my friend.
    i hade soda.
    i had pizza.
    i went to chueycheezes.
    i had chips.
    i had icecrem.

  7. sg
    I slep in the camper.
    I play on my now swingset.
    I slep in my camper a gen.
    I play with my toys.

  8. Ms
    I played my ds.I played my Bakugon.I went to my gramus.I saw my cusin.

  9. bl.
    me and mom and kele and deze went camping.
    I went to the pou waoow.
    I bot a dres.
    I sooe the prad.

  10. BT
    I went to the mall.
    I went out for luch.
    I went to the prad I saw Sam.
    I went to the finisej.

  11. io
    I had my birthday at mcDonalds.
    I saw my friend at mcDonalds.
    My dad didn't let me ride my forwheeler.
    My friends came over.

  12. LD
    This weekend I cleaned my room with my mom.
    On Fridaay I ate mickdonalls.
    I went to my cousins b day.
    It was fun.

  13. dw
    i went to my dads.
    i saw a tatr.
    i went to the prad.
    i ate hamebrgrs.

  14. al
    I went to a prade.
    I got candy.
    I ate candy
    I ate a lot of candy.
    I saw a tracter.
    i drove a tracter.
    I rode a tracter.
    I saw plans.
    I went to my papas house.
    I drove home on a tracter.
    I dived a tracter on the road.
    I went to my kellys house.
    I went to a babuku at kellys.
    I brot fish and eggs.
    I loveed it.
    I wish i can do it agen.

  15. eg
    i went to the highgaate parade.
    i want rock climing and mad it to the top.
    i tukatir off a car.
    i gut to pat a hors.

  16. Wow! Everyone had such busy weekends!! It was my son Sam's birthday this weekend he turned 12! We had a barbeque and went to the Abenaki festival. I had a wonderful time with you all at the Tyler place. I can not beleive how much you have all learned this year. I am looking forward to seeing all of you next Tuesday! Love, Mrs. Caswell

  17. WOW, It's the last week of school; I can't believe it!!!! You must all be SO excited. Hopefully we have a nice HOT summer with only rain during the night!!! Make sure to read lots of books over your summer vacation. I've already told Isaac that he has to read this summer; he wasn't happy about it!, but that is how you stay smarties!!!
    Make sure to be good for Mrs. Dietsche this week; she's been such a GREAT Teacher. You are all very lucky students to have had her as your 1st grade teacher!
    Have a great summer everyone.
    Penny Overton (Isaac's Mom).