Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Terrific Tuesday

Wow! What a day! We had fun playing games out on the playground. We stacked sand buckets and delivered pizza. We flipped chickens into a fry pan (frizbees). It was a blast! We learned all about Windbags and the Bronnooli effect. Check out windbags and Steve Spangler online. Shaggy's Pizza was yummy along with PB&J sandwiches and brownies was a treat. Mrs. Caswell came in to help out and she forgot her coat and lunch box. They are hanging in our classroom for her to come get. Tell me about our day.
Love, Mrs. Dietsche


  1. Yes, it is true I forgot my coat and lunch box. I guess I truly belong in first grade. I had a great time today and the morning just flew by. It was so cool to see all of those wind bags on the playground. Science is where it's at!! I hope you all have a great time on Friday during field days!! You are so lucky. Have a great summer, and remember READ READ READ!! Love, Mrs. Caswell

  2. pr
    Today we played with wind bags.We played toss
    the chikens in a frisbee.We played stack the
    buckets into a pirrimid.
    ps Mrs.Casswell left her coat at school
    on perpis.