Thursday, September 2, 2010

Thirsty Thursday

Another hot day in first grade.  All we seem to want to do was drink water.  Lots of kids brought in water bottles and we took lots of water breaks to help keep us cool.
    Our class has been practicing our Daily 5 skills.  We are up to 15 minutes with our read to self.  We have been learning how to use all of the materials for working with words.  We have been writing in our journals every day concentrating on spaces and periods and putting the date at the top of our pages.
    Last night we had another caterpillar move into the chrysalis stage so now we have 5 in chrysalis.  I'm sure this long weekend they will come out and spread their wings.
    It's been a very hot week.  I wish we had air conditioning for our classroom.  Maybe some day.
   In math we have been counting counting counting.

Mrs. Dietsche

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