Saturday, January 8, 2011

Love the vocabulary stackers

This week has been quite a week.  We had the Germbusters from NW Medical Center come to teach us how to effectively wash our hands.  We all enjoyed their presentation.

Vermont Author Illustrator Bonnie Christensen came for a visit to share her latest book with us Django.  It's a story about a Jazz Guitarist.  We were treated to a wonderful slide show about gypsy life and to some terrific jazz music.  Here she is showing us her original painting for a page in her book.  We all enjoyed her presentation.

After watching a video on I just had to create a set of my own vocabulary cups for my class.  They were a hit with my students.  

They had such fun reading their cups, then stacking them into pyramids.

My class had smiles and there was laughter as they were getting "smarter" at their vocabulary words.

Ms. McDermott came in on Friday to teach us about alliteration.  She read a book called The Great Fuzz Frenzy by Janet Stevens.  We all loved the book about prairedogs who find a green tennis ball in their hole.  It is so fun and is loaded with repeated words and alliteration.  The books ends with a picture of the dog with a red ball in his mouth over the prairedog hole.  Our task was to write about what we thought might happen next using some alliteration.  The kids had a ball with this lesson.  Monday we will share our stories.

    During math this week we enjoyed playing addition and subtration games.  We also got a chance to use some double dice. (a dice within a dice)  My students loved them and didn't want to stop playing.  They were getting smarter every minute. 
     Three students earned enough happy faces and received a marble smiley face.  Four more students will receive theirs on Monday.  They are all doing a great job following directions, being respectful, being responsible, and staying safe.  I am proud of my whole class.
Have a great week:)
Mrs. Dietsche

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