Friday, April 29, 2011

Spring Has Sprung

   Finally tempertures are in 70's and higher here in the Northeast.  But with all this warm weather is stormy weather.  We have had terrific thunder and lightening storms this whole week.  I am amazed at all the rain.  Rain in April is a great thing.  It washes our long winter away.  You remember the old saying, April Showers bring May Flowers.  We have had so much rain in our area that it is breaking records with the National Weather Service.  Lake Champlain is at an all time high of 102.36 Feet and still could rise more.  Yesterday we couldn't have recess on the playground because it looked like we had a lake.  Today the water has receeded on the playground but I am sure the ground is pretty spongy.  We were looking for rainbows but didn't find any.  :(
     We have been working on our Mother's Day Tea projects.  We can't wait to share with our moms on Wednesday.  I hope to see most moms at 1:30 p.m. on May 4th.  Don't forget to send in a new white tee shirt for our tee shirt project.
   The flowers have started to sprout and are growing quickly.  I think this weekend I'll have to mow the lawn. Yuck!
Have a great weekend every one.  Bring on the sunshine.
Mrs. Dietsche


  1. Yay for nice warm weather!! You deserve it after all the snow you endured this winter! :)

  2. EK
    Hi mom. Happy mothers day mommy or miranda!!!! I love you mommy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!