Saturday, April 2, 2011

Chickens, Nesting Eagles and Brownies

        I am glad that it's the weekend and I had a few minutes to relax.  Our class has been busy studying about chickens.  We think that they are fun and very funny characters.  I've been reading all of my funny chicken  books and enjoying all the antics that chickens can get into.  A few of my favorites are Chicks and Salsa, Big Chickens and Big Chickens Fly the Coop, and Interrupting Chicken.  Our class had fun creating their own chickens and nests.  We added a few vocabulary eggs to the nests.  It is an adorable display.  I did forget to take a picture of our chicken coop but I will on Monday so that you can see how cute they are.
        On Friday we had a little time to kill so we decided to write a story together.  I had each child come up and write one word to our story.  It was hard to do.  They really had to think about what would make sense.  Some kids were itching to get up to the board to write while others struggled  for a bit.  We helped each other continue the story line.  On Monday I will have the kids finish the story on their own and we will share all of the different endings.  Here's what it looked like.
           This weekend I have been very intrigued by the nesting eagles in Iowa.  Some teachers have been watching the action with their classes.  I plan on showing my kiddos the live video next week, too. This is sooooooo cool.  One baby eaglet hatched this morning.   I just watched the Momma eagle feed fresh rabbit meat to her little eaglet.  There are 2 more eggs ready to hatch.  Daddy eagle also takes care of the eggs and is helping to keep the nest warm.  That baby eaglet is just adorable.  Check it out here .
      April Fools Day was a fun event.  I wrote up a silly morning message board that didn't fool the kids one bit.  I gave them a 4th grade fraction test first thing and stumped them all.  We ripped up the "tests" after about 2 minutes worth of trying to complete it. They loved it.  After math I asked if anyone wanted a brownie.  All hands went up.  So I passed out brown E's.  They all got the joke but were a bit disappointed that there was no treat.  As they were getting ready to go home I asked again if anyone wanted a brownie?  No, they weren't falling that joke again.  Ha I pulled out a box of real brownies and they each had one before they went home.  Happy to trick others with their brown E's.

Have a great week everyone.  I'm hoping for warmer weather soon.
Mrs. Dietsche

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  1. I LOVE the books "Chicks and Salsa" and "Big Chicken"!! I do a unit the week before Easter on animals that lay eggs and I use these books. Also, I really like your idea of writing a story together with each child taking turns writing one word at a time. I think I'll give that a try next week! Thanks for the idea! :)