Saturday, March 19, 2011

Snow Snow and more Snow

I haven't posted since February.  It has been a busy March.  We were finishing up assessments and writing report cards, all the while being buried in snow.  Here are a few fun pictures of my class.  I am so happy that spring is on the way.
A flying Emily!

More snow fliers!

Our classroom is on the left.
Trying to make snow angels; it's tough in deep snow!
I love this photo! Snow up to their waists!!!

A snowy bunch of kids.
I will be so happy when I can see green grass again.  It has been a long snowy winter for us in Northern Vermont!
Melt snow Melt!
Mrs. Dietsche


  1. Can you believe how crazy, busy this time of the school year is? I have assessments and report cards to do this week, then parent/teacher/student conferences the following week. Then, the countdown to the end of the year begins!!...and I start getting worried that I won't get everything done! Have a great weekend! :)

  2. Wow, so different than our life in CA! In San Jose yesterday it was rainy and very windy and the kids were all wound up! I can't imagine dealing with SNOW!!

  3. I agree Laurie. I am so busy with all things school. Last week snow blew into the vent above my classroom. Then it started to melt in the vent, which in turn poured into my classroom. It rained down into the walls and on my precious classroom junk. So I had a clean out session when I should have been teaching. Yuck! There is so little time left to teach all the material I haven't taught yet.
    Jenn, some days I wish I lived in a different climate but just look at the faces of my kids. They just love the snow. We go ice skating and snow shoeing and the older kids get to go skiing every year. Winters can be long but at least they are fun.

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  5. EK
    I can amagin saying melt snow melt!!!!