Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mouse Was Mad!

Mouse Was Mad by Linda Urban and Illustrated by Henry Cole.  
     Here's a new book that I found that was fun for my kids.  It is about a mouse who was having problems expressing his anger.  His animal friends try to help but it seems to make the situation worse.  In the end he figures out what works best for him.  This book lent itself towards some great discussions about being mad and how to show it.  It was great for prediction as the story moves along.  Henry Coles illustrations are adorable.

I took pictures of my class showing the ways the mouse practiced being mad.
Hopping Mad!
 Stomping Mad!
 Screaming Mad!
 Rolling on the Ground Mad!
 Standing Still Mad!
My class is very dramatic!
We also talked about other descriptive words for being mad like fighting mad and steaming mad.  This book was fun.  I might have my students write about a time that they have been mad and talk about what kind of mad they were. I think that I'll take a picture of them being mad and add it to their writing. Check out this book.
       This was pajama day at our school so all the kids look ready for bed.  I hope they are having a fabulous vacation and come back ready to learn.
Mrs. Dietsche


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