Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Father's Day

Here is a picture of my dad and I in Ireland 2 years ago.  I took a trip with my sister Helen to visit him there.  I got a chance to talk to him yesterday with all of my brothers and sisters.  It was great to hear his voice (and all my 11 siblings, too) and got a sense of how he is.  He has dementia and is in a nursing home there.  Recently he fell and broke a shoulder and a hip.  He is on the mend and I could definitely hear that in his voice. I miss him living here in the states but he just loves his Ireland.  Yesterday, he asked about my kids:)  I hope his memories never fad.  He is one fantastic dad!
Here are some pictures of my father-in-law with my kids about 5 years ago.  He recently had some health problems and won't be able to make it to my son's graduation this week:(  We are missing his visit.  He is a terrific dad!  I look forward to our weekly chats.

And of course, here is a picture of my children's dad, Michael.  He was a very special man:)  He passed away nearly 17 years ago.  We have missed having him with us all these years:(  He would be so proud of both of his children.  Thursday's graduation will be bittersweet for me, having my son graduate and not having Michael here to be part of it.  It's been a long road and marvelous journey.  I miss you sweetheart!

I am finally out of school and loving it!  Today's weather will be gorgeous and the pool is open and heating up.  Time for some R and R.

I wish a Happy Father's Day to all my brothers and brothers-in-law Bob, George, Chuck, Joe, Mickey, Jeff, Allen, and Paul.  Have a great Father's Day everyone. 

Love, Claire


  1. Very nice and thoughtful, Claire. It is nice to think of fathers without all the hype of a card giving holiday.

  2. Hi Claire,
    This is very touching! Thank you for sharing your family pictures and stories.

  3. Thanks for giving me some insight to life after loss. This is our first fathers day without him and it is so hard. I will missing seeing you next year but I am sure I will wonder down the first grade corridor and just check in. I hope you have a wonderful deserve it.
    Amy Wimble

  4. Thank you for this very touching celebration of Dads. You are a very special lady and teacher!
    Valérie, Emilie and Pauline's mom.

  5. Thanks Claire....happy fathers day to you you have been a great mother/father to your marvelous children and i actually went back and looked at your mothers day video, made me tear up a little and a cant help but think that some your 1st graders are old enough to have lived & graduated from college & or fought for us in war ... true american heroes....that simple motto ---> Never Give Up ----> rarely do WE remember our honor our 1st grade teachers let alone remember their names ...way to go.....Love your Brother Chuck

  6. Well done Claire. Dad would be very proud...I certainly am. You are tops. Janie

  7. Awesome Claire!