Thursday, July 14, 2011

The Middle of Summer

    I just love summertime with it's warm sunny days and beautiful peaceful evenings:)  My on-deck garden is flourishing and my pool is crystal clear.  I just finished my first book of the summer called Bossy Pants by Tina Fey.  It was so funny.  Just what I needed.  I love easy mindless books in the summer to just relax with.
      I got a call 2 days ago, that my room had been finished, (you know cleaned and ready to be put back in order).  So yesterday I headed over to Highgate to start the process of reorganizing and rearranging.  I told myself that my goal this summer was to reorganize my massive book collection.  I spent about 3 1/2 hours yesterday and really made some progress.  I completed one corner and was able to throw out quite a bit of stuff.  Boy, I am such a pack rat.   I started to organized my collection according to the calendar and the themes.  It will definitely make my life easier at the end of every month when I switch out the books. It's funny how as the year progresses I seem to run out of shelf space to house all of the books.  All I really need was a little organization and boy, now I have lots of extra space.  I really like going into my classroom for a few hours at a time during the summer to get my self reset for the fall.  Once or twice a week takes away the stress of "how will I ever get all of this done".

        Here are 2 shots of my before.
   As I go through the process of setting up and reorganizing I plan of posting a few more pictures of the room.  

     I came across this great internet Chicka Chicka Boom Boom project that I joined today.  Brooke Perry on her Primary Perspective blog is setting it up.  Check it out!  I am looking forward to this project.  I hope more first grade classrooms join in.

   I hope everyone is enjoying a great summer!  I think the weather is grand!



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  2. I've also been thinking about organizing by month and themes. Happy organizing! Lucky that your room is already done! :)
    Counting with Coffee

  3. Hello Sweet Friend!
    I went to school this past week to do some organizing (and throwing away!!), too! :) Have you seen the school supplies in stores yet? I did and I'm not ready for that yet! I'm anxious to hear about ISTE and chat with you soon. Temps will be near 100 for us this I will be in my pool! :)

    Morning Sun First Grade