Monday, August 22, 2011

Meet the Teacher Monday!
A Little about me!
I love teaching first grade.  Some mornings I jump out of bed excited to start the day with my little ones.  I live in NY and drive over a large bridge to teach in a wonderful little town called Highgate, Vermont!  I am a chocoholic and I love my once a day Diet Coke!  I am a crafter, always looking for great Christmas projects to make for others.  This week I am saying good bye to my two terrific kids Catherine and Bobbie who are both off to school.  It will be pretty quiet around here without them:(
How long have you been teaching?
   Well I started my teaching career by subbing for about 7 years before I landed in  a warm and beautiful school in Highgate.  I am starting my 22nd year!  I'm feeling old.....
You may not know....
I started my career wanting to save the earth in Natural Resource Management.  Soil Science and Chemistry were not for me.  Once I changed to Early Childhood Development everything just clicked for me.  I loved it.  Another little fact about me is..... I am one of 12 children!  I have family all over the US and I love them all.  We all grew up in Maine and I try to go back each summer to reconnect!
What are you most looking forward to this school year!
I am looking for to skyping with fellow blogger Laurie Hilton over at Morning Sun First Grade.  I am so excited to connect with another first grade.  I am also very excited about using our new ipod touches.  They will be a great addition to our program. 
Things I need to work on
   This year I will need to work on my time management!  I want to do it all.  I need to figure out how to be more efficient while I am at school.  I also want to work on keeping my desk neat and cleaned off.
What teaching supplies can you not live without?
My computer is my most important teaching tool.  I have an extensive picture book collection and I couldn't teach without all my books.  I think I'm obsessed with them.

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School starts for me tomorrow with Teacher In-service!   I am excited and looking forward to a new year!


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  1. Hello Sweet Friend!!
    I am so glad we got to connect via Skype and finally "meet" each other! :) Good luck with your first day of in-service. We had a great first day of school here yesterday. I look forward to talking to you again soon! :)