Sunday, January 29, 2012

Contraction Action :)

On Friday we read the book David Goes To School by David Shannon. I have multiple copies of this book so everyone could have their own copy to read from.  It was very easy for most my kids to read with little text and the text being very large.  There are about 5 different places where David Shannon added contractions.  After reading it independently, discussing the dialog of the teacher, and the voice. (This book has great voice.)  I passed out 3x3 post it notes.  Each child went through the book again and placed a stickie note on each page where they found a contraction.  At first no one remember what a contraction was so I gave them a hint that it has an appostrophy.  Several still were not sure.  Then together we went through the book finding each contraction.  Next, I sent each child back to their desk to write out the contraction and the two words that make it up onto the stickie note.  It was great to watch how my class went right to work and helped each other figure them all out.  I sent the book home for homework.  They were to try to find those contractions in other books.  It was a great lesson.  Kids can really relate to David and it's an easy read.

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  1. Love David Shannon's books. Thank you for sharing your idea!
    First Grade Delight