Sunday, January 29, 2012

Projects and a Skyping For Information

A happy little class of smart first graders.
Eli's mummy project
 Eli and his mummy!
Eli's Presentation 

 Everyone wanted to see the sarcophagus with the mummy inside!
We were all excited! 
Katie created a project and brought it in to show us.  
She was very proud!

On Wednesday, we skyped with our fabulous Iowa friends in Morning Sun.  We were so excited to hear about what the first graders had learned about arctic animals.  Mrs. Hilton's Class shared their entries from their journals about what they had learned.  It was very fascinating.  During the session we practiced taking notes.  It was hard to get all of the information but we drew quick sketches and only wrote the important words so that we could remember the information.
 Here is what we see when we skype.
 Here is a first grader's journal entry about penguins and Mrs. Hilton is pointing out a sketch in the diagram with a caption.  Sorry I couldn't remember what it said.  Nice penguin.
 Here's what the Morning Sun's Classroom looks like.  We can see the beautiful Mrs. Hilton helping out one of her students.
 More great information is shared about walruses, polar bears and arctic foxes.  Fascinating information.

Here we are very attentive to the information on the screen.  We love learning from other first graders.
Here is our class sharing the Matter Rap.  Our plan is to make a video of ourselves performing it.  Maybe next week.
Thank you Mrs. Hilton's Class for being our skyping buddies.  We loved sharing and learning.  Maybe next month we can all share a little love <3 


  1. Nice pictures of our Skype session! I tried to do the same, but my pictures didn't come out as clear. We can't wait to do it again! :)

  2. I noticed that some people block our their children's faces and some don't when they put their pics on the blog...I was just trying to figure out what to do?? Do you have them sign a release or is there no worry really?

    1. Yes Katie,
      I do have parents sign a form (my own) at the beginning of the year. I also tell them that if they ever see any thing they don't like to let me know and I can take it right off. I've actually had parents who got mad that I didn't include their child in any picture or mention of them on my website or my blog. They were the parents who checked off that they didn't want their child's picture or projects to appear. I just sent another form home and included their child. I know that some schools don't allow any mention of kids names or are allowed to show their faces. It makes it very tough to share what goes on in the class room.
      email me through my website and I'll send you a copy.
      Claire :)