Sunday, February 5, 2012

Dominos Game

On Friday we played a fun game that combined adding and sequencing of numbers using Dominoes.  I just made it up on the spot.  We had been using the dominoes to for an activity of placing the dominoes into a parking lot and adding up our cars.  It was fun but I was looking to do some more adding and mental math  if we could.  We have been concentrating on counting backwards so I worked that in as well.
   The game:   
1. Spread lots of dominoes on the floor upside down.
2. Ask each child to choose 2 dominoes
3. Add your dominoes together first using mental math, then checking by counting the dots.
4. Our goal was to try to be the highest number or the lowest number.
5.  I started counting off to sequence the numbers (kids made a line and helped count)
6.  We gave a round of applause for the lowest and the highest.
7.  We counted up and we counted back from the highest to the lowest.
8.  Our last round I had them pick 3 dominoes and Asked what we might see happen to the numbers.  They of course thought that the largest number would be higher with more dots available.
9.  They got very excited as we were counting.  Next time I might have them write the numbers as we sequence.

It was fun and we will try this game again, soon.
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