Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Author Visit

We were lucky lucky lucky yesterday when we had a terrific author/illustrator visit from Jason Chin.  His fabulous books Redwoods and Coral Reefs are fascinating reads.  They combine both fiction with non-fiction information.  Mr. Chin explained his process of writing a book and showed pictures of his trip to California to see the redwood trees.   We learned many facts about the Redwoods.  Redwoods start out as a seed the size of a tomato seed.  The tallest tree in the world in found in the redwood forest and it's taller than the Statue of Liberty.

 It was fun to watch Mr. Chin sketch an idea he elicited from the audience of first and second graders. 

During our writing time we all took out at paper and pencil and sketched just like Mr. Chin.  We thought about a place that a book could take us.  Check out how we did.

 We loved the visit with this Vermont Author.  Check out his books today.


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