Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Goal 7 Posts In 7 Days

Lets see if I can do it.  7 Posts in 7 Days?  Do I have that much to say?  Ha, I talk a lot, lets see if I can transfer my talking into posts.  I'm on winter break so this should be easy right?
  This morning I taught myself how to resize batches of pictures all at once.  I spend hours doing this one at a time in Paint.  Today, I resized and rotated  308 pictures in about 1 minute.  Yippeee!  I had the tools all along on my Windows 7 Computer.  I just didn't know it.
    Here's how you can do it too:
   Check your programs for Windows Live Photo Gallery.  Open up your batch of pictures that you want to resize or rotate.  Highlight (or select) your whole batch and click file, then resize.  Let the computer do it's magic.  Next click only the pictures that you need rotated.  (I had a lot.)  Remember to use the control key to select only those pictures.  Next at the bottom of the page are rotate to the right or left arrows.  Click and watch the magic happen.  Good Luck with your resizing.

Here are a few pics from February.  Working on and wearing our 100 Day Hats.

See you all tomorrow!

Remember 7 Posts in 7 Days....I can do it!


  1. Good luck with your goal! I hope you are enjoying your winter break. We don't get a winter break here...but, we only have 58 days left of school! :)

  2. Thanks Laurie,
    I know I can do it. Be sure to check out my blog on Saturday. That's when I'll blog about our last skyping session. I don't know how many days we have left but I'm going to count them.
    So finally it is snowing around here. The kids are finally enjoying it at recess. Our winter carnival had little snow to enjoy last week. Enjoy your week.