Sunday, November 11, 2012

Favorite Book Character

Friday was our day to dress up as our favorite book character.  I just love the book Miss Nelson Is Missing by James Marshall and Harry Allard.  I know this book by heart and love sharing it with my students every year.  I read it many times to each class.  My students usually love it as much as I do.  This was the first time that I have dressed up as my favorite character.  I decided to dress up as Miss Viola Swamp.  She is mean and nasty.   I was mean and ugly.  I had such a great time playing a character all day.  I wore a long black wig and ugly black outfit.  I found these adorable striped socks and black shoes.  I loved trying to be mean to kids.  They all looked at me and laughed most of the time.  I tried hard not to scare any of the kindergarteners.  It was a fun day.  It was a nice break from being so professional most days.  What do you think of my look?
Great striped socks!
Miss Swamp times two.  
Mrs. Therrien dressed as Miss Swamp along with me. Lots on mean teachers on the loose.
  I guess Miss Swamp is a very popular character.
Mrs. Therrien is so much better looking than I am.  We both had a great day!  
Have a super week!

Remember to be kind!

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