Saturday, November 10, 2012

Monster Rocks and Magazines

     We have had some beautiful fall weather in October and we enjoyed some time playing together.  We love to run!  We went for a little walk to collect rocks.  We turned those rocks into monsters.  They turned out so nicely.  We have been creating maps of the town their monsters live in.  It's a nice tie into our social studies mapping unit.
    I subscribe to National Geographic Young Explorer and I love it.  It has the most incredible pictures and is at a first grade reading level.  The topics are perfect for any first grade classroom.  My kids love them as much as I do.  This is my third year of subscribing to the magazine so I have multiple issues for my class to explore.  Ms. McDermott has been teaming with me to teach my class how to write a constructive response (research based) using articles from these magazines.  We worked in groups to create sentences with a main idea and 3 important details.  We created titles for our work using alliteration.  The students made pictures to go with each of their details.  It has been encouraging to see how excited my class was working on this project. 
 Check out National Geographic Young Explorer online.  It is an amazing magazine. (And no I'm not getting paid to say this.)  I just love this magazine.



Check out Raki's Rad Resource's wonderful blog and Teacher Pay Teacher amazing products.  I am always amazed at how regular teachers can be this productive.  Check it out today.

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  1. Those monster rocks are ADORABLE!!! :)