Friday, July 18, 2014


It's summer time and the living is easy.  The pressure from the long school year is finally leaving me. I love the sunny days and warm nights.  The relaxed atmosphere of my new patio is heaven.

I told myself that I would work one hour a day (if I'm home) on school work.  It really has been a great plan.  There is no pressure if I miss a day or two and I'm accomplishing tasks that I always say I'm going to do.  Hopefully, I'll be getting a new Smart Board this fall so I've been doing lots of research to be prepared for it, like watching videos and webinars, reading blogs, and articles about the cool things you can do with the board.  I found a treasure trove of  free Smart Board Lessons Plans already created at   Check it out if you haven't seen this.

I made a stop at my favorite store last week Barnes and Nobel and picked up a couple of great books. Rosie Revere, Engineer by Andrea Beaty

........a great book to get kids thinking about engineering.  My plan is to read it and put out all kinds of materials to have the kids engineer some kind of toy.  Love that little Rosie with the hair across one eye.

Another book that I just had to have was Books Always Everywhere by Jane Blatt

.....a very simple book with a simple can read anywhere and that reading is important and fun.  I think I might try to recreate this book with my class using the iPad cameras.  I will have my kids brainstorm ideas of similar pictures and have them take the pictures.  It might make for a great Open House display in the fall.

 Book Talk Tuesday
I've linked up to Book Talk Tuesdays on Mrs. Jumps Blog.  Check out all the reviews of great books here.

 I hope you are enjoying your summer.

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