Monday, February 18, 2013

It's been a while!

Hello Everyone,
    Sorry but I've been a little busy lately and I'm looking forward to our school's winter break next week.  I usually challenge myself to post to my blog every day of my break.  It will be the time that I catch up on all my classroom news.  So be on the look-out starting next week.

    My students have been so great lately.  We've had lots of tests these past few weeks in preparation for reports cards in March.  Our school is also, in the middle of organizing for our big winter carnival.  More details on that later.

   For the past few weeks my kids have been dubbing me the Queen of first grade.    They make me a this huge crown on my morning message board each morning.  They even created a  crown for me to wear.  I told them "only on Fridays".  It's when we have our whole school community time.

This past Friday the started saying, "All Hail Queen Dietsche!"  What a riot!  I just love my kids.  They keep my day so fun.

I'll be back again next week when you won't be able to shut me up for a week and a half.

Thanks for stopping by.

Start each day in a happy way!  :)

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  1. All Hail Queen Dietsche...adorable!! Isn't it fun to have a group of kiddos that make your day of work fun!?! Enjoy your break next week. We don't get one of those...but come May we will be celebrating summer vacation! :)

    (maybe one day I'll be a queen too...:) )