Tuesday, February 26, 2013


Today it's all about the music.  Music is very important to the education of the young child.  I was brought up in a very musical family where music was part of our everyday lives.  I remember singing around the piano with all my sisters while my dad played.   I grew up thinking that everyone did the same thing.   My love of singing and music comes from this early experience in my life.  Many of my siblings have wonderful gifts of being able to sing and play musical instruments.  I do not have those gifts.   Though I do have a passion for dance.  I just love music with a great beat.

          I try to bring music into my class room often.  Music can help the young child when learning to read.  Simple songs and poems with rhythm help students remember words and help with rhyming skills.  Students like repeating spelling words put to songs and singing poems.

        My students love going to music class with our terrific music teacher Miss Sara Laderman.  From the moment they walk into class she keeps them busy with warm up songs, little dances and even playing instruments.  One day I visited she had them all playing a game to act out the movements of specific animals.  First graders were having a ball both moving and guessing what animals were acted out.   It's always fun in music class.
         My kiddos request certain songs that I have taught them.  Some of their favorites are the Big Rock Candy Mountain by Red Grammar and Looking For Dracula by Charlotte Diamond.  Our latest song is Chicken Soup With Rice by Carole King.  I love love love this song and book.  Check out this YouTube video it's terrific.

Music Class with Miss Laderman

What's your favorite song?
 Start each day in a happy way:)

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