Sunday, March 16, 2014

Oakie Saying Goodbye

Francis J. O'Connor, MD
12-12-24 to 03-08-14
Ireland is a beautiful country with wonderful people.  My grandparents were born and brought up there.    My dad choose to live there for the last 10 years.  He was in love with the country of his ancestors.  Growing up in our family we learned all the old Irish songs and would sing with dad around the piano every Sunday after church.

    This past week I celebrated my dad's life with my 11 brothers and sisters and 12  Irish step-siblings. (That's 24 for those of you who like numbers.)   My dad touched the lives of many as a radiologist/oncologist, a naturalist, a teacher, and as a community leader.  He had happy demeanor and zest for life.  People marveled at his storytelling and loved to be around him.

Two wonderful things happened this week to me.  With the beauty of technology I was able to attend my father's funeral through Google Hangout (Skype) along with my daughter,  2 sisters and a brother.  All my other siblings were able to attend the funeral in Ireland.  It was comforting to be part of the ceremony.  My dad lived an amazing life.  It is his time to rest now.
     Just when I was trying so hard to hold it together my youngest brother Mickey sent us all a video.  He created this video in 2007 of my dad saying goodbye to all of us.  It was just what I needed.  His happiness for life came through.  It was truly a beautiful gift.

Rest in Peace Dad!

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