Saturday, March 3, 2012

Comparing with our Skyping Buddies

 Our February Skyping Session with Mrs. Hilton's First Grade Class in Iowa was about making connections.  We compared our classrooms with each other.  It was fun to see how alike and different we were from each other.  It was exciting to see some to the same titles of books we use for reading.  We thought that having desks that opened up would be fun to have since ours don't open.  One of our favorite books is Pete The Cat just like Mrs. Hilton's Class.  We also have a Judy Clock but it looks little different.  It was fun to compare and contrast.  Thanks for the great sharing session Mrs. Hilton.
 Desks that open
 Our desks have spaces underneath for our materials.
 Coat rack with cubbies, ours only have hooks.
 We love the Cat in the Hat clock.  We want one, too.
Our Katie took great notes during our skyping session.  It's neat to compare.

Fire Drill practice on a snowy playground.
Day 5

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