Monday, March 5, 2012

Towers of Cups and Another Award!

     Our class loved getting into the cup stacking act.  We had about 20 minutes before lunch and we had a blast stacking cups.  The favorite cup to stack were the colorful sand buckets.  I bought the buckets one spring at Michael's for a dollar each.  I took off the handles and let the kids stack.  Our class loved getting on top of chairs to try to stack the last bucket. The kids made a huge structure out of buckets that we left up for the rest of the day.  The class was so proud of it.  Our new class picture shows our tower.

  Checking out my comments last night I see that Katie Smith from First is a Fairytale nominated me for another award!  I am just beaming!  It's the One Lovely Blog Award!  I had better start listing my awards on my blog.  Wow!  I am honored  Thank You Katie!
Day 7  I made it!  Yippeee!

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